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Highlands Brewery Company - Gaelic Ale
Asheville, NChas more than 78 local breweries! Turns out hops in beer makes great soap. It has great lather and skin softening qualities. I chose Highlands Gaelic Ale, because it is the Asheville areas oldest brewery. By the way all the alcohol is boiled out of beer prior to making soap, and you won't smell like a tavern!

It also makes a nice shampoo bar.


This product is on sale, and will be discontinued...

Beer City Suds - Soap

$5.75 Regular Price
$3.50Sale Price
  • Scented with Clover leaf, Cedarwood, Vanilla and Patchouli!

    Local Brewed - Asheville Beer, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Soy, sustainable Palm oil,  Castor oil, caustic soda and essential oils.

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