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About Natural Soaps...
Natural Vegetable soap is a quality product which leaves in the natural glycerin created during saponification. 

Many commercial soaps actually use animal fats and detergents (petroleum by product), creating a harsher soap with the glycerin removed to manufacture lotions and other cosmetics. 

Our soaps are an out growth of our love of herbs and their many beneficial properties. We have kept the soaps simple and tasteful. They are poured into boxes, cut and trimmed by hand.  They are cured a full 2 months to insure hardness and good lather. 

Each bar averages  4  oz. (Some of our  new soaps are square and average 5 .5 oz).

We took time to think about each of our soaps, how they could best help each skin type .

We are pleased of the aromatherapy essential oils in each bar. Take time when you use them to breathe in the natural essence of the plants. You can not do that with the artificially fragranced/perfume bars you buy in bath shops at malls or grocery outlets. The differences in man made fragrances and essential oils. Fragrances bite, sting or burn a bit as you inhale. Essential oils will soothe your nasal passages. 

Our Natural Soap Base...
We blend in herbs, and pure essential oils into saponified Olive Oil (largest part of our soaps), Coconut oil, and Soy Bean, Castor oil  and sustainable Palm Oil  We use caustic soda with 5% excess of oils, so it's all used up in the saponification process.  Essential oils, Rice Bran oil, Avocado oil, Shea Butter,  or Cocoa Butter are in varied bars to keep skin soft and protected. 

We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making them!





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