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What is Zarahemla


Zarahemla was an ancient city referenced in the Book of Mormon. 


I wanted to use a name that meant something to me for my cottage industry of natural handmade soaps. The events that happened in the land of Zarahemla are both exciting and inspiring, so I chose to honor this city. 


The area where the city was in the Americas.


Great prophets and men came from or to Zarahemla teaching the words of Christ.

After a violent tempest came through the land, destroying buildings and leveling mountains in Zarahemla. Then near there in a the city Bountiful, many witnessed the Savior, Jesus Christ descend from above. He came and taught them the things he had spoken in his ministry in Jerusalem. 


Although he stayed just a short time there was peace in the land for three generations.

Read the Book of Mormon online...

The Book of Mormon

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